Bed Raisers – Stackable Cones – Raising The Bed Height

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As we age the simple things often become harder and we start to require a little extra help. But for so many of our elderly community, they resist help from others. But what that means is that they start to struggle with some very simple tasks like standing or sitting. Think about how many times a day that you do this task? If you could make it easier why wouldn’t you? A simple investment that could make life easier and safer.

Our Stackable Furniture Raisers are lightweight but very strong. Shaped like a cone they have a broad base and a recess for either a bed leg or chair leg to be placed into it. The Bed Raisers have anti-slip pads, which help to hold the castors still. Sold in packs of four. They can be placed under the bed or chair making it easier to lower yourself down.

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Furniture Raisers
Bed Raisers – Stackable Cones – Raising The Bed Height
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