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Aged Care Furniture

There is no getting away from the ageing process. No matter what we do or treatments we undergo, time catches up with all of us. When it becomes apparent that the home you live in no longer is fit for purpose and poses more obstacles and problems for you when you try to navigate it, it is definitely time to seek out solutions that can make a very real difference and deliver the kind of comfort you need. That’s why we are Australia’s number 1 Shop for aged care furniture.

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Aged Care Furniture Solutions for Australia

Here at Aged Care Store, we bring a range of aged care furniture to the market that affords Australian customers the possibility of accessing high-quality brands and goods at prices that will please rather than shock. While there are many products and accessories available in our online store that can make life more comfortable by addressing the specific conditions you suffer from, or can simply return your sense of freedom and independence, our line of furniture seeks to make your living spaces that little bit more comfortable and less intimidating.

Furniture for the Injured and the Elderly

In terms of what we have, you can expect to find aged care furniture that is ideal for both the bedroom and your living areas. We stock everything from bed tables, overbed tables, chair risers, comfort chairs, high back chairs to kitchen stools, furniture raisers, armchair tables and tilting armchair tables.

Those that work in aged care facilities can also avail of our bulk discount possibilities, which make our great prices that bit more attractive, and can afford you the chance to access many more practical solutions for your facility that will bring about a greater degree of flexibility and comfort to those in your care.

Here at Aged Care Store, we also encourage those that have suffered injuries or are recovering from surgery that has limited their mobility or ability to use their limbs as they usually do to look into the possibilities that our furniture can bring. While designed with the elderly in mind, having a support option in place while you recover, such as a tilting armchair table just might make things that little bit easier and help you from putting a strain on your injured body part.

Speedy Solutions Delivered Direct

At Aged Care Store, we want you to remain independent for as long as you possibly can. As such, we have partnered up with manufacturers and suppliers from all across the globe to ensure that we have a comprehensive collection of products and solutions ready to ship from our warehouse in Sydney as and when you need them.

Regardless of how big the items are that you decide to purchase, you can take comfort in the knowledge that we charge a flat shipping fee of $14, which means that you won’t have to fear the cost of delivery when you go to check out. Those in need of solutions quickly will be delighted to learn that we ship within 24 hours of receiving your order and depending on where you are in the country you can expect delivery within 4 days.

So, don’t put off bringing a little more comfort into your life, access aged care furniture that can make a very real difference to your world today, here at Aged Care Store.

Aged Care Store supplies a range of different products to enhance your everyday life. From Dentons pillows, kettle tipper & caring cutlery to furniture, IMAK gloves & socks and much more.

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