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Older couple having afternoon tea poured by younger woman

Daily Living Products – Keeping Simple Tasks Simple!

For some of our Seniors a simple task like making a cup of tea is hard. Firstly they have to fill the kettle with water, lift and pour the boiling water into a cup, and then manage to drink the tea.

To you and I making a cup of tea is an easy task. But to the elderly and to anyone else suffering from an illness like, Arthritis or Parkinson’s they simple don’t have the strength to even lift the kettle. Not to mention the danger of pouring the boiling hot water into the mix.

We have all tried to drink from a hot cup. Most standard cups only have one handle. But some people need to steady the cup, so two hands are required. When the cup itself is hot due to the liquid inside, where do you put second hand? One on the handle and one on the cup. But the second hand doesn’t have the protection of a handle from the hot cup. The simple answer is you need a cup with two handles.

I was having a cup of tea with a neighbour, who is managing pretty alright for an 80 year old male. But what I noticed as he sipped on his tea was that his hand was shaking and I had filled to the cup to the top. It was at that point that I realised, firstly I had overfilled the cup with hot liquid for him, but most importantly he needed to use both hands.

Like me I bet that you had’t even thought about how a two handled cup or a kettle tipper stand could help someone!

Why Aged Care?

Since moving on from my running last business I personally found it really hard to identify what I wanted to do next. Do I stay working in the same industry or do I find a new industry to move into! Well I decided to dive right into a new industry that I knew very little about to start with. Armed with new knowledge and from helping the elderly within my community I have been able to launch the Aged Care Store – Daily Living Products.

For a few years now I have become fairly passionate about the Aged Care Industry. I’ve seen many elderly residents within my community suffer from Strokes, Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, and Arthritis. In addition some just simply struggling with growing old and undertaking basic everyday tasks.

The trouble is, like me. everyone thinks that Aged Care is a growth industry. But what this means is financially a lot of our seniors get taken advantage of. Let’s face it a lot of the Elderly don’t really have a lot of money.

Have you seen how much it can cost to stay in a Nursing Home these days? Then we have Seniors who just want to grow old in the comfort of their own home. They don’t want to have pay a lot of money to purchase daily living products to assist them through retirement.

The Aged Care Store!

So I have decided to focus on helping the most vulnerable our elderly, anyone with a disability, the injured who are recovering from an accident. Basically anyone that needs help with the most basic tasks.

The Aged Care Store provides daily living products. Daily Living Aids help make daily tasks easier for the elderly. However you don’t need to be part of the Aged Care Community to buy from our shop, there are plenty of products on here that can make anyones day a little easier. Check out our:

  • Orthotics range to keep your feet comfortable; or
  • Braces and Supports to help support your tennis elbow or golfer elbow;
  • Exercise & Therapy range to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As this is only an e-commerce store, there is no shopfront, I have tried my hardest to ensure that our prices are the cheapest that you can find. That way everyone has the chance to grow old in the comfort of their own home.

We all have parents who are unfortunately, just like us, getting older by the day and inevitably will need help in the way of daily living aids. So please take a moment to check out our new e-commerce site and Like our Facebook page. Don’t forget to share with your friends and family. This business can’t grow old without the support of family and friends!