Elderly People Can Have Fun Too!

Elderly People Having Fun

Senior Citizens Playing Schoolyard Games – Exercise for Elderly People

Senior Citizens or Elderly People having fun you say! If you just let your guard down ever so slightly you might just find something fun to do! The best part is that its exercise! Have a watch of the full clip here. Sometimes in life we need to think about things a little differently. Generally, we don’t want to exercise because it’s not fun. But when you make it a game you tend to enjoy yourself more. Also if you can exercise or play a game with people you connect with you will also have a whole lot more fun!

I recently joined a Boxing class and somedays I really don’t want to go. But I am lucky enough to go with a friend so we encourage each other a lot! The one thing I realized though is that you really need to let your guard (which is perhaps not a good idea in boxing). If you can just let your inhibitions go then you will not care about what others think. Go and enjoy a fun game, who cares if you are not too good at it or whether you know anyone. Just embrace exercise that is fun to do.

Would you believe those games are actually being used to prevent injuries in older adults? Each week a group of seniors steps back in time to their days in the schoolyard. The 62 and older crowd at fitness center Asphalt Green in New York City is pushing their bodies to the brink of falling to prevent injuries in the real world…. Senior Citizens Play Schoolyard Games With A Lifesaving Purpose

There are plenty of Senior Citizens Groups out there that you can connect with to help find like-minded people and see if anyone there would like to join a group fitness class! Better still you might just find someone who likes to walk. They could be your new best friend.

Having Fun Whilst Exercise Can Be Done! 

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