Muscle Loss with Aging – also called Sarcopenia

Muscle Loss with Aging – also called Sarcopenia

Muscle Loss with Aging – Also called Sarcopenia

The official medical term for age-related muscle loss is Sarcopenia. We stumbled across the article below that provides some great information that we think you might just like to read as well

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It’s no secret that we lose strength and muscle mass as we get older. Having more muscle mass is also linked with better metabolic health and a lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

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So How Can You Improve Muscle Mass?

Avoid training that is imbalanced. This means just don’t focus purely on aerobic exercise. While walking is 100% beneficial, it is important to add some resistance and weight training to your exercise regime. This will help focus on the type 2 muscle fibres that do decrease as we age. If you do the resistance training, eventually your type 1 muscle fibers will tire and start to activate the type 2 muscle fibers. This is exactly what needs to happen to increase your muscle mass and help fight muscle loss with Aging.

I know we shared a previous article about how HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) sessions can be really beneficial; this is still the case. What this article is meaning is perhaps every second-day focus on strength and resistance training. Especially around your core area.

Now like anything we recommend on our website, we strongly urge you to seek advice from your healthcare professional before beginning or changing your exercise regime. What we do want you to focus on is “age is just a number” don’t let it prevent you from experience life and leading a fit and healthy life. This will ensure that you are around long enough to see your grandkids and great grandkids grow up. If you don’t have any grandkids then don’t panic, borrow mine. But seriously do it for yourself because you are worth it.

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