How to Manage with Loss of Appetite as we Age

loss of appetite

How to Manage with a Loss of Appetite as we Age!

As we age statistics suggests that at least 30% or up to, will experience some sort of change in their appetite or loss of appetite!

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Do you have a loved one who is losing their appetite?

I would love to know what you do to help them gain their love for food back.

For me, personally, when my husband is away I really can’t be bothered to cook especially when it is only for a short period. Frankly, I am very happy to just Vegemite toast for dinner. Shocking I know! But if he is away for longer periods I eventually find my rhythm and love to cook again. It’s only then that I focus on the food that I love to eat, which is surprisingly vegetarian. I actually find it easier to eat better when he is away for longer periods. I prefer to eat a little bit cleaner than him. Also, I find that I drink more alcohol when he is home. I guess that’s more of a social reason than anything. So when he is away I tend to lose more weight! Hmmmmm maybe he is a bad influence, after 20 odd years, you think I might have worked that out a little earlier lol!

Cooking for 1 can be Hard!

It can be hard to cook for one or even two! Heck, I know my Dad and Step mum find it easier and sometimes cheaper, especially mid-week to head out to their local club or pub for a cheap mid-week dinner.

But seriously it can be really hard when you find yourself not having to cook for as many people. Not only that as we get older our lifestyle changes sometimes we are not as active as what we used to be and our hormones start to change! So how do we manage all of that?

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If you have concerns about a loved one or for your own appetite then please seek further guidance.