How To Improve Mobility So You Can Get Around Easily

Improving Mobility

How To Improve Mobility So You Can Get Around Easily

As our bodies age, we run into physical issues that can limit our mobility. This can make independent living more challenging and can also keep us from leading the life we want. However, there are a couple of things that can be done to improve how mobile we are, so that we can have a higher quality of life. Here are some ways to help you get around more easily.

Exercise And Physical Therapy

Exercise and physical therapy, especially guided by a health expert can dramatically improve your movement. Mobility exercises can improve balance, range of motion, and keep joints flexible and muscles strong. Talk to your doctor about what exercises to incorporate into your daily routine to help improve your mobility.

Mobility Aids

Beyond exercise, we can also use mobility aids to help us get around. Here are some great mobility aids that are available to help you get up and moving:

  1. Sitting Aids – Sitting aids help you more easily take a seat. Couch canes, grab bars, and chair risers can reduce body strain from sitting;
  2. Standing Aids – Standing aids can help you stand up easier. Standing aids like security poles, leg lifters, and bed rails can also help you shift your weight and utilize your strengths to get out of your seat;
  3. Walking Aids – Walking aids including canes, walkers, and hands-free crutches make it easier to walk around freely; also
  4. Car Accessory Aids – There’s a huge variety of car mobility aids designed to help you get in and out of your vehicle. There are handles, transfer boards, and even chair lifts.

We don’t have to let our physical limitations stand in the way of our mobility. With physical therapy and mobility aids, we can reduce the strain of moving and help us lead independent lives.