Helping the elderly over Christmas


It’s getting close to Christmas!

So here are a few tips for helping the elderly!

Make A Plan

Make a plan to visit your family or friends that are getting on in age and especially your grandparents or parents. You shouldn’t see helping the Elderly as a burden because they didn’t see you as a burden as a child.

Include them in your plans. There is a good chance that they love the festive season just as much as you. You don’t have to go over the top if you don’t want too. But it’s important to do something. Christmas day is important to so many people.

Let them know in advance what the plans are. Do you need to pick them up, or can they get to you. Perhaps you can arrange for another family to pick them up and then you drop them off afterward. It is, however, important to let your loved ones know in advance what the plans are so that they feel that they have been included.


If you’re looking to buy a gift then think about useful gifts. If they are living in a nursing home then perhaps there is a useful gadget that could help them as they don’t get a lot of space to store belongings.

If there is a recent hobby that they have started or have always enjoyed then perhaps there is something that they need to continue to pursue that.

Is there come cutlery that might useful to help them with their grip. Or are they suffering from Arthritis then is then perhaps one of our braces and supports might help them. So think outside the usual gift box. What can you given them that might make simple tasks simple again for them!


If you are getting out and about then think about mobility and location.

Perhaps you are spending Christmas Day or Boxing Day in a park. Then is this terrain going to suit their mobility level? Or if it’s at your house (or outside) think about the simple things like bathroom facilities, everyone needs to pee. But for some, they may need some extra assistance.

Don’t forget to bring appropriate seating; it may be hard getting down on a rug so a suitable chair will be needed for yourself and them!

Travel then think about what you might need to take with you to make life easy


So if you have chosen a picnic. Then please let them know in advance if they need to bring anything such as their lunch. But I hope for your sake that you have thought ahead and catered for them too. Perhaps if they would like to feel included in bringing something you could suggest a box of chocolate something simple, affordable and accessible.

Food, what do you eat think about food restrictions and medication.

We all know that Christmas Day is just as much about the food as it is about the time spent with family and the gifts that are shared. However please put some thought into suitable foods. Chat with their care provider to see if there are any issues with chewing and swallowing so that you can accommodate this in your menu preparation.

For those in a nursing home find out if there is any medication that you need to take with them if you are leaving the facility on a day trip. Or if they still live in their own home a gentle reminder about medication is important.

Don’t Forget

It’s also extremely important not to forget about them once they have arrived at your house. Don’t think that just because you have picked them up or that they have come to you that your job is done. If they have trouble moving around and the house is full of family and kids it’s good chance that there is going to be a few trip hazards around so be mindful and point them out. It’s also a great idea just to touch base with them to see if they need anything through the day.

It’s very easy for someone who is outside of his or her usual surrounds to feel overwhelmed. So be accommodating and remember you will be in this position soon too! Helping the Elderly can be fun and rewarding, so why not make an effort this year!

Make a Phone Call

Last but not least a simple phone call can brighten up someone’s day!


From all of us here at the Aged Care Store – We love Helping the Elderly

Have a very Merry Christmas!