Seniors Group Exercise – It Becomes Part of Your Life

Group Exercise for seniors

Seniors Group Exercise

I’ve been writing a lot lately about how important it is to exercise as we get older. There are so many exercise options from weight training, High Intensity Interval Training HIIT, walking and Group Exercise programs. Ultimately the biggest take home from all the research is that a good balance between exercises is important. It easy to think that simply walking all the time is great, or just swimming, running etc. But the most important message is variety that includes some weight training that activates different muscles. This is really important when it comes to maintaining great balance. However I’m also of the strong personal view of something is better then nothing.

So here is a little story about Betty who works out with her friends

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Betty Forbes was never a star sports person, but she has a fair amount of pride in being the oldest member of the ALIVE exercise group. Betty is 93. She has been working her muscles with her Burnaby women’s seniors group exercise team a few times a week for more then 40 years. The youngest member of the group 88. You can read more about the Seniors Exercise group here Betty says  it becomes part of our lives’: 40 years of fitness for Burnaby seniors exercise group

What a great name for the class too ALIVE – All Ladies Interested in Vitality and Energy.

They meet on Mondays, Wednesday’s and Friday’s and it seems like not only are the fighting fit, but they have made great friends too. If the weather is bad they still get up and go, now that’s dedication. The thing that I love about this group is their attitude. “If we can balance, then it’s going to be a good day; if we can’t it’s going to be a pretty average day”. Getting your balance right is such an important part of aging, along with working muscles that you normally wouldn’t.

What I love about Seniors Group Exercise

What I love about this group is that they are not letting their age stop them. They are out there ensuring that they can live a rich and fulfilling life. They know that exercise plays such an important part in preventing the aging process. Additionally, they are making friends as they do. What a great sense of friendship, community and sense of belonging to something important. Perhaps if you are struggling to make friends or feeling a little lonely an exercise group of like minded people might just be what you need.

So ladies and gents lets get moving. I would love to know what you do to keep fit. Also if you are a child who has a parent or parents who aren’t active what do you think you could do to get them moving? Perhaps there is something you can do to encourage them to get moving. Instead of going for coffee why not take a brisk walk then stop for coffee, or join a gym with them.

Remember always talk to a healthcare professional to ascertain what sort of exercise program might work for you!

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