7 Facts About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome That You Need To Know!

Let’s talk Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

Let’s Talk Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

Firstly before we begin to talk about Carpal Tunnel let’s get those important Disclaimers out of the way. You should always talk to your Medical Professional and discusses your issues with them. What’s written below should definitely not be considered as advice, be smart and talk to a professional!

So What is Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel is essentially a pinched nerve within your wrist. This is known as the median nerve that runs from your shoulder down to your thumb. The nerve provides sensations to only your thumb, index, middle and also half of your ring finger.

⇒ Symptoms

Symptoms can vary, but generally, there is a tingling sensation or numbness in the thumb, middle, and index fingers. This is because the nerve that supplies the sensation has been pinched. Therefore this feeling can come and go, but over time the feeling could be more constant.

The pain may start to wake you when you are asleep, you may also find that this feeling is present when you are holding objects. Your hands may start to feel weak and therefore you might start to drop things as you are unable to hold onto them.

⇒ Prevention

There is no way to prevent Carpal Tunnel, well at least no proven way! However, there are a few things you can do to minimize the stress on your wrist and hands, such as exercise and also wearing wrist and hand supports.

⇒ Treatment Options

It’s important to get treatment straight away so that you don’t end up with permanent damage. Two options are obviously surgical or non-surgical.

There are few types of surgical options available but all results in the ligament being cut so that the nerve can be free.

The available Non-surgical options are your standard anti-inflammatory drugs or prescription based medication. Exercise and Wrist Splinting is also another method that can help relieve pain through the night.

⇒ Available Supports and Splints

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Accutex Wrist Stabilizer

The Accutex Wrist Stabilizer by Oppo Medical has a contoured wrist splint. With an ergonomically designed silicone pad that relieves pressure on the carpal areas. The pad also massages the area to relax the tension on the wrist flexor muscles, and it helps to reduce Carpal Tunnel Symptoms.

Universal Imak Smart Glove PM

Universal Imak Smart Glove PM has been designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon. It provides exceptional comfort and maximum pain relief during rest and sleep. The glove ensures that the hand is not placed into a dangerous position during sleep, it also promotes warmth and circulation

SmartGlove by Imak

SmartGlove by Imak – A patented design that relieves wrist pain associated with Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and arthritis. The glove encourages proper hand and wrist position. The Glove was awarded a Commendation for its design by the Arthritis Foundation in the US. It increases circulation, comfort and ensures that your wrist remains in the correct position. ErgoBeads cushion and protect the underside of the wrist while gently massaging the wrist to increase circulation. This is a perfect glove for the active person as you can use it while completing repetitive tasks, using a computer and keyboard, phone, etc.

Wrist and Thumb Support

The Wrist and Thumb Support by Oppo Medical is a lightweight support that also can provide some relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as it helps with inflammation. It features a metal stick that is reinforced to help stabilize the thumb and is comfortable to wear while completing everyday tasks. Also suitable for Rheumatics, tenosynovitis, CMC joint injuries, De Quervain’s Disease, and thumb sprains and strains.

⇒ Pain Relief

Some simple ways to relieve pain are:

⇒  Don’t sleep on your hands;

⇒  Warm your hands – gloves that allow your fingers to be exposed and free will ensure you can complete everyday tasks while keeping your hands toasty warm;

⇒  Keep your wrists in a middle position, so don’t bend your wrist all the way upwards;

⇒  Don’t hold objects to tight just relax your grip;

⇒  Taking regular breaks especially when you are completing repetitive tasks that require the use of your hands;

⇒  Regular Hand and Wrist exercise;

⇒  Try and improve your posture – it’s amazing what the impact of bad posture can have on our bodies. Ensuring that your shoulders are back will prevent your shoulder and also neck muscles from shortening. Therefore compressing the nerves in the back of your neck.

⇒ 3 Carpal Tunnel Exercises

Here are some great exercises that can help your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. They can be beneficial when performed regularly:

The Prayer Stretch – Place the palms of your hand together, slightly in front of your chest and just below your mouth. While your hands are still together, start to lower your hands down towards your hips. Make sure that your hands are still close to your body. Hold the Prayer Stretch for about 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat two to four times.

Wrist Flexor Stretch – Place your arm in front of your body with the palm of your hand facing upward. Bend your wrist down so that your fingertips are toward the floor, use your opposite hand to gently bend your wrist further until you feel a mild to moderate stretch in your forearm. Hold the Wrist Flexor Stretch for about 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat 2 to 4 times.

Wrist Extensor Stretch – This is the opposite of the Wrist Flexor Stretch. Place your arm in front of the body, but this time the palm of your hand should be facing downward. Tilt your wrist, so that your hand is pointing toward the floor. Use your other hand to gently bend the wrist until you feel a mild to moderate stretch in your forearm. Hold the Wrist Extensor Stretch for about 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat 2 to 4 times.

⇒ Exercise Equipment

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Handmaster Exerciser

The Handmaster Exerciser is a great tool for helping with Carpal Tunnel. It provides a complete reciprocal muscle group exercise and is available in different resistance levels.

Power Web Combo

The Power Web Combo is a perfect tool for Wrist Exercises as it is designed to improve strength, coordination, and flexibility of forearms, fingers, wrists and hands. Wrist Extension, flexion, supination and opposition exercise can be completed with the Web Hand Exerciser. Resistance can be modified easily by changing the position of the hand. Each web has two levels of resistance within it, which is perfect when your strength starts to increase. It is great for help to prevent Carpal Tunnel and is also ideal for post-operative rehabilitation.